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As a community we’ve made great strides on addressing the problems at the Oklahoma County jail. We’ve been able to alleviate some of the overcrowding and poor, inhumane living conditions through diversion and mental health programs, infrastructure improvements, and case processing efficiencies, among other efforts.

Now we need to fix the biggest remaining issue in our county’s current criminal justice system – the jail itself.


We can build a new jail that is more effective, and more cost efficient. We can help people be more productive citizens and improve our public safety.


It is time to build the right facility, without raising taxes. Vote YES on June 28 to finally FIX THE JAIL!


million in estimated annual operational cost savings


chance to finally fix the jail without raising taxes


Citizens Oversight Committee will provide transparency and accountability like in MAPS


Mental health and diversion facilities will align with and maximize effects of OKC's MAPS 4 programs

Why This Plan?

We have a chance to finally replace our overcrowded, outdated, poorly designed jail without raising taxes. Our current jail is dangerous and inefficient. We need an efficient jail that keeps us safer and reflects our community values – helping people that can be diverted from incarceration be more productive members of our community.


Your general questions are answered in our FAQ section.


This is the right facility at the right time, with more citizen oversight, space for job training and other programs to reduce recidivism, saving money in the long-term, making our community safer, and without raising taxes.

Join the Coalition

Add your voice to those who want to finally fix the jail on June 28.

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